SME Call for Nominations

Genevieve Homyack

May 20, 2024

Have you heard of the Awesome Awards? It is an award given “to celebrate the human spirit, community, reciprocity, generosity and all things awesome!” One might argue that being nominated to serve as the SME President, on the SME Board or a Strategic Committee means your fellow members believe not only that they want everyone else to benefit from your expertise, but also they believe you are awesome.

Soon you will be receiving a letter from our 2024 SME President Marc Herpfer asking for nominees for our Society’s leadership. Who do you think is awesome in the Society?

Besides the obvious - awesome or not - all candidates must be an SME member in good standing - please pick people who can commit to a minimum of two in-person meetings, are experienced members and who want to have a more active role in the leadership of the Society. We are seeking candidates with diverse interests, backgrounds, experience, and education, and who are from different geographic regions, industry areas and specialties.

Open positions include the 2027 SME President and two 2026–2029 SME Board Directors. Also, we are seeking two 2025-2028 term members each for the following committees: Association Growth, Industry Innovation, Industry Workforce, Responsible Mining and Underground Construction, Structure and Governance, Audit and Finance Committees.

To see a current list of SME Board Members, please visit the ‘About Us’ page on the SME website, ( see whom currently serves on our committees, click here: For more information about the SME Board or Strategic Committees, please contact me at

If you know someone, or a few people, who are awesome, please send them my way (email to by July 1, 2024.

Maybe it’s you. Are you awesome? Let me know. And as Courtney Young, SME Board Director, 2024-2027 advises, “Get involved. Be the doer, the mover, the shaker. Understand though that it can be a huge time commitment pending the road you travel. However, the journey is rewarding. Be patient. Be the one who people want to listen to. Listen to others and be informed. Make decisions accordingly and be ready to compromise.”



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