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Schurco Slurry acquires KETO Pumps South Africa

August 16, 2021

Schurco Slurry, a leading American manufacturer of heavy-duty slurry pumps announced that it has acquired KETO Pumps South Africa, a global peer in the heavy-duty slurry pump manufacturing space, to broaden its footprint in serving the global mining industry as well as other slurry pump users around the world.

The purchase of Keto Pumps, based near Johannesburg, South Africa, further increases Schurco Slurry’s share in the global slurry pumping market.

“The addition of Keto Pumps experience in the African mining markets combined with their intellectual property assets and resources will provide our global clients with more material options, a wider range of capabilities, and better service and support for Schurco Slurry products across the board,” said Nicholas Schur, president, and owner of Schurco Slurry. “The acquisition is also expected to streamline our global operations, and allow us to better serve customers across continental Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.”

Schurco Slurry will leverage Keto Pumps’ existing intellectual property to further expand its product line, as well as collaborating engineering services between American and South African staff. Additionally, this acquisition will enable Schurco and Keto to offer real-time product support to customers across the globe with trans-hemispherical customer service centers standing by 24/7.

The integration of both companies will take place over the next 12 to 18 months as Schurco Slurry identifies areas of synergy for the combined companies’ efforts. “Our clients will continue to receive the same high-quality slurry pumps and parts, which they have come to rely upon, and we plan to offer even greater product service and support as the merging of our companies progresses,” said Schur.

Keto Pumps South Africa, which will continue to operate under that name for the present, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schurco Slurry. “We felt this acquisition was essential to our corporate growth strategy, and our strategic goals of diversifying supply chain and expanding Schurco Slurry market penetration throughout the globe,” explained Schur.

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