Idaho Department of Lands seeks input from the public on mining regulations

May 6, 2019

The public will have the opportunity to comment on Idaho’s Surface Mining Act this summer. The act was amended by a bill passed during this year’s legislative session. The Idaho Department of Lands, or IDL, will hold public meetings for the public to provide their comment on the details of how those rules will be implemented.

“It’s a great opportunity to really understand what we’re trying to accomplish with those new and changed rules and have a voice in what’s being done,” said Sharla Arledge, public information officer for IDL.

She said major changes were made to the state’s Reclamation Fund. The fund includes bonds that ensure mine operators will be able to financially complete the reclamation process. Otherwise, the cost could fall on taxpayers, Bosie State Radio reported.

Public meetings on the changes were scheduled to begin in Boise on May 9. Later meetings will be held in Pocatello, Challis, Coeur d’Alene and McCall.


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