Minnesota TV station digs into mining debate with two-part series

November 21, 2013

Minnesota television station KARE-11 has produced a two-part series looking at Minnesota’s Duluth Complex. The first part aired Nov. 20 with the second part scheduled for Nov. 11.

The first part of the extensive story (kare.com) looks at the debate surrounding Polymet’s plans to mine copper, nickel and other precious metals from the historic mining district.

Polymet chief executive officer Jon Cherry told the station that the district holds enough copper and nickel to support high-paying jobs for decades to come.

"There's been 100 years of iron ore mining. There could very easily be 100 years of copper nickel mining up here on the range," Cherry said.

The report also points out that mining jobs in the region are among the best in the area. The latest numbers from the state show the Arrowhead region currently has more than 4,500 mining jobs with an average weekly wage of about $1,600. Tourism accounts for some 5,500 jobs. On average, workers in the tourism industry take home $270-275 each week according the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

See and read the reports here.



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