Romania postpones vote on gold mine bill

October 23, 2013

Gabriel Resources, which has waited 14 years to learn if it can begin production of an openpit gold mine in Romania, will have to wait a little longer. Romania's parliament postponed a special commission's report on a controversial bill that would allow Gabriel Resources Ltd to set up Europe's biggest openpit gold mine until Nov. 10.

The Canadian-based Gabriel Resources Ltd has been waiting 14 years for approval to use cyanide to mine 314 t of gold and 1.5 k of silver in the town of Rosia Montana. The state also holds a minority stake in the mine.

The government of Prime Minister Victor Ponta this year proposed a bill to speed up the project by setting strict deadlines for the approval process.

The bill, which triggered countrywide protests against the mine, prompted parliament to set up a commission to assess the bill. It was supposed to file its report this week.

"We approved a deadline extension until Nov. 10 at the request of the commission's president," lower house speaker Valeriu Zgonea was quoted as saying by state news agency Agerpres.


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