New South Wales and South Australia sign agreement

October 4, 2013

Energy and resource ministers from New South Wales and South Australia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to increase mining activities and develop stronger cross-border cooperation between the states.

Uranium exploration, mining investment and economic development were the topics that the ministers focused on in their meeting in Broken Hill on Oct. 3.

NSW Resources and Energy Minister Chris Hartcher said the memorandum enables both states to work closely together under a formal framework, ABC Online reported.

"Our departments have worked together over the past but we want to make sure it's done within a formal structure; the more information we can share, the more investment we can attract, more jobs for the economies, more income for the state governments."

South Australia's Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said it's in both governments' interest to encourage more mining.
"The best thing we can do as regulators in both our jurisdictions is cut away red tape and help these companies do what they do best; that's explore, export minerals and create wealth, jobs and build our nation."


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