IMA-NA Mine Safety Award honorees announced

May 7, 2013

The Industrial Minerals Association – North America (IMA-NA) announced the companies and mining operations that will receive its safety recognition awards.

The safety recognition awards program is run in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). An impressive list of 14 companies and 33 individual mining operations were honored. The two classes of awards recognize different levels of safety performance (MSHA provides the IMA-NA with data on injuries and employment information for awards purposes. This data relies on self-reported injury and employment information submitted by IMA-NA members and is not independently verified by MSHA.)

The IMA-NA Safety Achievement Award recognizes the best reportable injury rate for an individual IMA-NA member company by size category for the preceding calendar year, in this case 2012. The award criteria evaluate a company’s safety performance at all of its U.S. facilities and non-U.S. mining sites in North America. This year’s winners include:

• FMC Corp.
Philadelphia, PA
Large category (700,000 or more employee hours)
(1,837,473 hours)

• KaMin LLC
Macon, GA
Medium category (Fewer than 700,000 but more than 100,000 employee hours)
(648,779 hours)

• IMI Fabi, LLC
Benwood, WV
Small category (Fewer than 100,000 employee hours)
(79,278 hours)

“The safety performance of these IMA members is truly inspiring,” IMA-NA’s Mark Ellis. “Large Category Honoree FMC Corporation worked 1,837,473 employee hours with 12 injuries for an injury rate of 1.31 per 200,000 employee work-hours. Medium Category Honoree KaMin LLC had zero injuries while working 648,779 employee hours, for an injury rate of 0.00 per 200,000 employee work-hours. Small Category Honoree IMI Fabi, LLC likewise had a zero reportable injury rate, while working 79,278 employee work-hours. To put that in perspective, the preliminary injury rate for all metal and nonmetal mines in 2012 was 2.19.”

One additional Medium Category company and 10 additional Small Category companies tied the winning zero reportable injury rate, but had fewer employee hours. Of these companies, Ellis said, “These honorees operated all of their mines throughout 2012 with zero injuries. That truly is benchmark mine safety performance.”

Also recognized are 33 individual IMA-NA-member U.S. mining operations for working 200,000 continuous employee hours during 2012 without a single reportable employee injury. The complete list of winners can be found here.


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