Peabody's Colorado operations recognized at SME/CMA Annual Meeting

March 5, 2013

The Colorado Mining Association and the Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety recognized Peabody Energy’s Colorado operations for safety and environmental honors during the 2013 SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit and Colorado Mining Association’s 115th National Western Mining Conference in Denver, CO.

Peabody Energy’s Colorado operations were recognized for innovation in safety, environmental leadership and environmental excellence. Key honors include:

  • Safety Innovation Award: The Twentymile Mine was honored for five safety innovations developed in 2012. These include: developing a telescoping rod that prevents ladders from tipping; implementing improvements to the conveyor belt system; using pilot holes for installing stopping rails; designing a fire valve bracket to prevent dust accumulation and reduce maintenance and creating a system to raise and lower pulleys to eliminate falling hazards. Twentymile was the only operation honored for innovation and the only operation that has been honored every year for innovation since the awards have been presented. Twentymile is the state’s largest coal mine and achieved record 2012 safety performance with a 0.96 incidence rate, which is approximately one-third the average for surface and underground U.S. coal mines.
  • Dr. James A. Pendleton Award for Reclamation: Colorado Reclamation Manager Roy Karo was honored for a lifetime of achievement pioneering best practices for land restoration. Karo was honored for his “passionate, energetic and exceptional knowledge about mined land reclamation, for valuable participation on the Abandoned Mined Land Advisory Board” and for his commitment to “try new techniques and to continually improve upon what (he) has learned,” according to the Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety. Karo manages more than 50,000 acres of land holdings in addition to Peabody’s Ranching for Wildlife Program in cooperation with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. He has earned numerous national and state awards for his efforts and was honored in 2009 as the Reclamationist of the Year by the American Society of Mining and Reclamation.
  • Coal Reclamation Award: The Twentymile Sage Creek portal was recognized for excellence in obtaining legacy bond release, which included bond release for lands from predecessor or acquired companies. Peabody also developed a best technology practice for tracking and processing bond release, which can be transferred to other mining companies.
  • Senior Participant Award with Special Recognition: The Twentymile Mine also was recognized for recycling more than 1 million lbs of materials including cable, scrap metal and used oil. The mine also was recognized for creating a master plan to protect species habitat and guide future restoration practices working in conjunction with the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

“Our Colorado team is known for a progressive culture that prizes innovation and best practice in all facets of our activities,” said Peabody Energy – Americas President Kemal Williamson. “I’m proud of our employees for their leadership in setting safety and environmental standards that are respected among the highest levels in the state and the industry.”

Peabody has a half-century history of operations in Colorado, and the company’s Colorado operations inject more than $790 million annually in direct and indirect economic benefits for the state.



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