Weir acquires SentianAI; company also announces participation in Global Water Initiative

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December 4, 2023

Weir, founded in 1871 and a leading engineering business and global mining technology leader, has acquired SentianAI, a Swedish-based developer of AI solutions that optimizes performance in minerals processing. With this acquisition, Weir is accelerating its technology roadmap and expanding its digital capability to provide enhanced productivity and sustainability offerings to customers.

SentianAI, founded in 2016, is based in Malmö and has a team of highly skilled software developers and data scientists. The software that it develops uses advanced AI algorithms that continuously learn and adapt to the dynamic processes within a mine, providing continuous improvement and optimization over time.

“Digital technology has an important role in helping address the challenges of declining ore grades, production efficiency, and CO2 emissions for our customers. SentianAI’s advanced software solutions complement and will bridge our Synertrex and Motion Metrics technologies well. Together, these will enable us to provide holistic performance monitoring and optimisation for smart, efficient and sustainable mining. We welcome SentianAI’s team of experts to Weir,” said Jon Stanton, chief executive officer of Weir.

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Weir joins Global Water Initiative

Weir has also announced it will participate in CEEC’s newly launched Global Water Initiative, a groundbreaking collaboration to drive action to ensure responsible water use within the industry.

Water is fundamental to the way in which minerals are processed. However, in some parts of the world there is not enough, and in some parts there's too much. So mining needs to use water wisely. Weir understands this and is developing tailored solutions to help the industry increase water recovery and recycling rates and, where possible, introduce water-free steps within mining processes.

The Global Water Initiative is a critical step towards addressing water management and risk mitigation in mining and the wider resources sector. The initiative, which will drive collaboration and knowledge exchange across industry experts, seeks to build a shared understanding, identify gaps, and outline necessary actions to solve water-related challenges, prioritise sustainable water practices, and support overall improvements in ESG performance.

"We are delighted to continue our partnership with CEEC International as we innovate to help our customers provide more of the metals society needs, in more sustainable ways. Water management is an increasingly critical issue in mining and we are excited to work with other stakeholders to drive positive change as part of the Global Water Initiative,” said Andrew Neilson, president of the Minerals Division at Weir.

"The Global Water Initiative is a vital platform to collectively address water-related challenges within the sector. We are excited to have Weir actively participating in this initiative, which will undoubtedly drive positive transformation in water management practices," said Janine Herzig, executive president of CEEC International.

CEEC is an independent global not-for-profit committed to accelerating the adoption of eco-efficient minerals and metals production practices. The objectives of Weir align closely with CEEC's own vision and mission, actively working to provide minerals and metals to society with minimal environmental impact, particularly in terms of water management, emissions, and waste.

CEEC International and Weir invite and encourage industry stakeholders to join the initiative, contribute to the discussions, and collectively shape a more sustainable future for water management within the resources sector.

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