Hexagon receives two prestigious awards for mine safety solution

November 28, 2023

Hexagon’s Mining division was honored twice at the 2023 Australian Mining Prospect Awards, for HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System (OAS), the company’s solution to improve mine safety by preventing vehicle accidents related to operator fatigue and distraction.

In a statement, Hexagon said the HxGN Mine Protect OAS is unique in that its functionality is not only at the surface but also in underground environments. With machine-learning image processing, Hexagon’s OAS enables operators to take corrective actions as soon as the system has detected compromised alertness, thus minimizing would-be accidents and incidents from occurring.

In March, Hexagon partnered with MMG Limited to deploy the OAS across its underground fleet at MMG’s Rosebery Mine in Tasmania. The partnership marked Australia’s first ever underground application of OAS and led to Hexagon being honored for Mine Project Success of the Year during the Australian Mining Prospect Awards program. The award is reserved for a singular engineering or contract mining project that has delivered measurable improvement at a mining site.

Boasting state-of-the-art sensor technology and advanced algorithms developed by Hexagon to monitor operator alertness continuously, objectively and in real-time, HxGN MineProtect OAS also earned the Excellence in IIoT Application Award, reserved for outstanding ‘industrial internet of things’ implementation within the industry.

“By combining cutting-edge technology, adaptability and operational impact, Hexagon’s OAS has set the standard for operator alertness systems in the mining industry,” said Sean Perry, Senior Vice President, Material Movement, Hexagon’s Mining division. “With a proven track record of success in surface operations, our recent success at MMG’s Rosebery underground mine will revolutionize safety standards across all load and haul operations. We are honored to have its importance recognized by our peers and industry experts at the Australia Mining Prospect Awards.”

Billed as the most esteemed and prestigious awards for the mining and minerals processing industry within Australia, the Australian Mining Prospect Awards “reward those who are excelling and going above and beyond, recognizing and rewarding innovation.”



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