Alaska Energy Metals announces sale of exploration data to Kobold Metals

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November 28, 2023

Alaska Energy Metals Corp. has announced the partial sale of its previously purchased exploration data to a subsidiary of KoBold Metals Co., an exploration and mining company out of Silicon Valley known for its innovative use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in mineral exploration. The data pertains to KoBold’s Skolai Project, which runs adjacent to AEMC’s Nikolai Nickel Project in the Interior Alaska region.

Alaska Energy Metals Corp. President and chief executive officer said: “We are pleased to recover some of our costs from the large exploration data set we bought earlier this year. KoBold owns claims that neighbor our Nikolai Nickel Project and I am confident they will put the data to good use. With it, it should accelerate their exploration efforts. We wish KoBold success in their search for magmatic nickel-copper sulfide deposits on their claims. Any discovery success in this emerging nickel district will benefit Alaska Energy Metals and Alaska generally.”

Earlier this year, Alaska Energy Metals acquired an extensive data package produced by prior explorers of the district, some of which now pertains to claims held by KoBold. AEMC has sold the relevant data to KoBold for US$175,000. The data has been clipped approximately to the boundaries of KoBold’s Skolai claim block and includes:

• Rock sample assay results (>1,000 samples)
• Soil sample assay results (>2,300 samples)
• Stream sediment samples assay results (>250 samples)
• Drill core assay results and core logs (13 drill holes)
• ZTEM and VTEM airborne geophysical surveys
• Geological maps

KoBold Metals Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Enderton, said: “We appreciate completing this data purchase with Alaska Energy Metals Corporation to further work on our Skolai Nickel Project. We similarly wish Alaska Energy Metals success in their search for magmatic nickel-copper sulfide deposits on their neighboring Nikolai Nickel Project.”

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Image courtesy of Alaska Energy Metals and is the claim map of the Nikolai Nickel Project, Alaska.


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