EY publishes top 10 business risks and opportunities for mining and metals in 2024


November 27, 2023

During June and July 2023, EY surveyed or interviewed over 150 mining executives, including those in the C-suite, as well as leaders in human resources, sustainability and technology, across all major mining regions.

In brief the EY report finds:

• ESG is attracting more scrutiny from investors and the community. Better use of data and a focus on net-positive impact can help meet growing expectations.
• Capital rises to #2, as the mining sector grapples to fund the expansions required to meet increasing demand for minerals crucial to the energy transition.
• Cybersecurity is becoming a bigger issue as the pace of digital transformation accelerates across the sector.
This year’s ranking highlights the complex operating environment miners will face in 2024.

Other top findings include:

  • Expectations of investors and stakeholders have been underestimated and continue to increase.
  • The pace of change has accelerated.
  • Risks today are highly complex, interlinked and impact each other.
  • Building trust and articulating value can evolve the sector’s brand.

Read the full report and download it here.


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