Caterpillar validates Rajant wireless solution with Cat MineStar Command for hauling

Press release

October 9, 2023

After extensive testing, Caterpillar Inc. has completed the in-house validation of Rajant BreadCrumbs, LX5 CA radios, which will enable field trials with this Rajant product and Cat MineStar Command for hauling.

“This validation is a key step to provide additional options for our mining customers when deploying Command for hauling in their operation,” said Sean McGinnis, vice president and general manager of technology and global sales support at Caterpillar. “We greatly appreciate the support from the Rajant team throughout the validation process.”

Rajant Corporation is the leading provider of Kinetic Mesh networking systems, a class of networking utilizing fully autonomous nodes to achieve high performance even under ever-changing conditions. Using its patented InstaMesh routing technology, Rajant networks provide dynamic network connections in a mobile environment, routing traffic through the best available route as network topology is constantly changing.

Rajant's wireless nodes have multiple radios operating at different frequencies and route traffic through mobile nodes to improve connectivity and throughput in dynamic environments. This approach creates more available radio paths, delivering uninterrupted communications where other solutions have failed. The next step is to validate the solution with Command for hauling in production at a mine site to confirm performance and scalability.

“Achieving Caterpillar validation has always been a critical requirement for Rajant, since our dealer/integrator network frequently gets asked about supporting autonomy,” said Geoff Smith, Rajant executive vice president of global sales and marketing. “We are very thankful to the entire Caterpillar team for all of their support during this process and look forward to driving new business worldwide for all of our global customers.”


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