ICMM publishes 2022 safety performance data of members

July 20, 2023

On July 18, ICMM released a report that benchmarks the 2022 safety performance of its members.

The report found that in 2022, 33 people across 26 member companies were killed while working. This compares to 45 fatalities in 2021 and 44 in 2020.

“ICMM members are unwavering in their commitment to operate responsibly, as they work to eliminate fatalities toward a goal of zero harm,” ICMM wrote in a news release. “To support this commitment, ICMM compiles, analyses and publishes the safety data provided annually by company members, which collectively represent a third of the global mining and metals industry. The full report, ‘Safety Performance: Benchmarking Progress of ICMM Company Members In 2022', is available here.

The report analyses fatalities from ICMM company members based on the cause (hazard) and provides safety performance metrics by county and company. In 2022, nine of these fatalities were related to mobile equipment and transportation, and five fatalities were caused by falling objects. Company member operations in South Africa had the highest number of fatalities (seven), accounting for 21 per cent of the total fatalities across ICMM members. 13 out of 26 members reported zero fatalities.

“Everyone deserves to work free from harm, within a safe and healthy industry environment,” Rohitesh Dhawan, President and CEO, ICMM said. “ICMM has remained steadfast in our belief that we can always find new ways to improve, and as we enter a period of unprecedented demand for minerals and metals, we will continue to focus on identifying new ways to eliminate fatalities from mining and metals operations."

ICMM began collating and publishing data on members’ safety performance in 2012 with the intention of driving knowledge-sharing, transparency and continual improvement across the industry. This data is compiled using ICMM’s ‘Guidance on Health and Safety Performance Indicators’ which was updated in 2021. The guidance is available here.

In the report, ICMM notes a focus area on Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV). 

ICMM's collaborative ICSV initiative is working to improve the safety performance of mobile equipment. A current area of focus within the ICSV initiative is the mining industry’s adoption of not only vehicle collision avoidance technology, but also that of ‘capable solutions’.

The ICSV initiative has defined a capable solution for vehicle interaction as:

• Delivering better vehicle interaction control performance by improving the quality of decision-making – from task execution through to mine operations and design.

• Considering relevant aspects of the operating environment, production requirements and equipment design.

• Where technology is a part of a capable solution, it is operationally integrated with existing controls.

Technology plays an integral part, leveraging advanced sensors, radars and cameras to provide real-time warnings to both vehicle operators and pedestrians, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. These technologies have the potential to greatly reduce the risk of fatal collisions.

Conversely, relying too heavily on technology can pose certain risks, and maintaining focus on operating discipline and performance is critical. Process improvements are also being explored to enhance safety standards across the industry, for example, by optimizing vehicle routing, establishing clear protocols for vehicle movements, implementing robust maintenance and inspection procedures, and prioritizing comprehensive training programs.

Additionally, the ICSV initiative recognizes the significance of training programs in mitigating vehicle-related hazards. Comprehensive training can equip both operators and other personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate high-risk scenarios and make informed decisions. By emphasizing the importance of situational awareness, proper use of safety equipment, and adherence to established protocols, these training programs contribute to a culture of safety within the industry.

Photo courtesy ICMM. 


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