South32 and IGO Ltd join OZ Minerals, Boliden and Rio Tinto in sustainability effort

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May 3, 2023

South32 and IGO Ltd have joined OZ Minerals, Boliden and Rio Tinto as new members of a collaborative effort to unlock new and innovative technologies to help the mining industry reduce risks while developing the resources the world needs for the energy transition. The collaboration aims to foster advancements that promote sustainability and responsibility in mining practices.

Under the umbrella of the Think & Act Differently (TAD) incubator initiative, the companies will fund and support innovators who are working to reimagine mining and processing to eliminate, minimize, reuse, or find value in overlooked resources that have been regarded as waste. The five companies will also collaborate on other selected innovations to pursue improved productivity while delivering benefits such as lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency.

The collaboration will support innovators by providing materials, funding, technical guidance and the potential for field trials at mine operations. To facilitate the acceleration and commercialization of technologies, innovators will retain ownership of their intellectual property rights, with a license to use those rights granted to the companies that support them.

South32 General Manager of Innovation and Technology Development, Flavia Xavier, said “We're thrilled to collaborate with our industry peers on co-development of technologies that support innovation in the mining sector. Our diverse portfolio of operations and commodities presents many opportunities for technology development, and we believe that by working together, we can greatly accelerate progress on complex industry challenges.”

IGO Head of Technical Services, Chris Carr said “IGO is pleased to be involved in this industry-led partnership and is looking forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively with others in the mining industry to discover new technologies required for the global energy transition. This initiative presents a fantastic opportunity to accelerate projects which will have a big impact in moving the mining industry towards a more sustainable future. “

Katie Hulmes, Head of Think & Act Differently said, "We are thrilled to welcome South32 and IGO Ltd to this collaboration initiative to think differently about innovation and drive meaningful change in the mining industry. Having more companies involved will enable us to support a broader group of innovators by providing them with more opportunities. I am excited to see what we can accomplish together.”

OZ Minerals has released a “Think and Act Differently: Waste to Value” white paper on the effort. Readers can download it and other TAD reports for free here.

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