ASI Mining moves to full commercialization of its OEM agnostic autonomous haulage system, Mobius

February 14, 2023

In conjunction with the recent announcement from Roy Hill about its planned expansion of autonomous haul trucks from the current 10 to 96 using ASI Mining’s Mobius based autonomous haulage system (AHS) combined with Epiroc support, ASI Mining is announcing full commercialization of its AHS program.

The Product Verification Phase at Roy Hill included the operation of a mixed fleet of CAT 793F and Hitachi EH-5000 haul trucks operating under ASI Mining’s Mobius traffic management system (TMS). Full integration with Wenco, the fleet management system (FMS) used by Roy Hill, is also underway as part of ASI Mining’s interoperability with fleet management systems. The phase included KPI performance verification of efficiency, productivity, and AHS availability using a fleet of ten haul trucks operating in both ore and waste hauls at multiple locations within the Roy Hill iron ore mine With the validation phase complete, Roy Hill will move into the expansion phase to convert and operate the different truck models under Mobius representing a total fleet size of 96 haul trucks, making it the largest AHS site in the world.

Successful completion of this verification phase has enabled ASI Mining to fully validate the overall performance capability and operational safety of its system and establish the full level of related field services for deployment and support of its AHS product. Support of ASI Mining’s AHS globally will be through Epiroc’s distribution network, such as the one based in Perth Australia, supporting the Roy Hill deployment.

While Mobius supports AHS operations, it is an autonomous mining platform which supports other applications such as Mobius for Blasting, Mobius for Drills, Mobius for Dozers, etc. The Roy Hill AHS Project will focus on safe and highly productive operations and will leverage ASI’s Mobius to achieve an integration platform which can continue to scale for future applications. The commercialization of AHS will now also enable bringing these other autonomous applications to market.

For further information about ASI Mining’s AHS or Mobius capabilities, please refer to the ASI Mining’s website at

 Photo credit: ASI 


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