Caterpillar to showcase technology and autonomy leadership at MINEXCHANGE 2023

February 7, 2023

Focusing beyond the iron, the high-tech Caterpillar MINEXCHANGE 2023 exhibit highlights the company’s innovation, technological advancements, and how Caterpillar is solving mining challenges today and innovating for the future. With its “Big Difference” theme, Caterpillar will showcase how the company positively impacts miners and offers a range of careers within the mining industry.

• Big innovation – details how Caterpillar commits significant R&D investment to technology and automation that help mining customers succeed and contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

• Big opportunities – covers career opportunities at Caterpillar for creating high-tech solutions.

“The mining industry substantially contributes to more sustainable living. Our customers supply the raw materials needed to improve nearly every aspect of our lives,” says Marc Cameron, senior vice president of Caterpillar Resource Industries. “Our SME exhibit tells the story of how our advanced technology and autonomy solutions help customers extract these minerals more efficiently, sustainably and economically. Plus, it highlights the positive impact our talented team is making on the world and showcases diverse growth opportunities at Caterpillar.”

Inside Cat exhibit #2701, a Cat D8 simulator allows conference attendees to experience operating the dozer in a virtual environment. A video wall features the themed “Big” messages that include more details on Caterpillar and its mining solutions, autonomy leadership, a real-world sustainability journey and testimonials from Cat employees. Subject matter experts will be on hand to discuss Caterpillar’s latest technology, autonomy and equipment solutions for the mining industry. In addition, on-site team members will provide information related to and discuss career opportunities within Caterpillar Mining.

Critical technical presentations

Seven Caterpillar subject matter experts were selected to present eight technical abstracts at MINEXCHANGE. Topics covered range from diversity in the workplace to technology and automation to implementing change management, spanning the conference’s Mining & Exploration, Coal & Energy, and Inclusion & Diversity categories.

Monday, February 27

• Attracting diverse talent to the mining industry – presented by Sarah Loomis at 2:25 p.m., Room 507. The mining industry continues to struggle with attracting diversity at the workplace. This session conveys how a diverse workforce is higher performing and highly engaged, which results in better financial performance for the company.

Tuesday, February 28

• Autonomous fleet expansions in operating mines – presented by Julius Fernandez at 9:25 a.m., Room 702. Mine sites face multiple opportunities and challenges when transitioning to autonomous mining. Through proper planning, training, staging and best practices, miners can successfully transition to a safe and productive operation with an autonomous truck fleet.

• Operator Assist Technology Package for Cat Electric Rope Shovels – presented by Robert Riggle at 9:45 a.m., Room 702. Covering the advantage of enhancing operators’ performance, the presentation unveils how today’s operator-assisted electric rope shovels react faster than humanly possible without sacrificing productivity.

• Being an ally – presented by Robert Riggle at 2:45 p.m., Room 507. More women are entering the mining industry in varied roles and need allies. Riggle shares the benefits of being an ally and offers insight into the future of an inclusive mining industry.

• Basics of autonomous drilling – presented by Gregory Scott at 4:05 p.m., Room 501. Autonomy, digital controls and on-board computing greatly enhance blasthole drilling performance but requires human monitoring and interaction. This session details drilling inputs and parameters managed when working autonomously to optimize performance.

• Aligning your people, processes and technology: the importance of change management – presented by Brett Haskins at 4:05 p.m., Room 506. Engaging change management early promotes a seamless implementation of new technology by supporting people along the journey with knowledge, skills and confidence.

Wednesday, March 1

• Utilizing technology to improve mine asset health management – presented by Samantha Melchiori at 10:05 a.m., Room 505. Condition monitoring evaluates equipment and application data inputs to provide maintenance, component replacement, application and repair recommendations. The case study shows a mine leveraging condition monitoring resources and techniques to improve equipment availability.

• Mining equipment management performance metrics – presented by John Hoffman, 11:05 a.m., Room 505. Performance metrics offer insight into application severity, operating practices and contract financial health. The metrics covered by Hoffman will help identify and understand on-site performance of mobile mining equipment.

Caterpillar Mining invites all MINEXCHANGE attendees to attend the company’s technical presentations and visit exhibit #2701 throughout the expo


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