SME Takes Part in “Jobs of Tomorrow” Broadcast News Series

Nancy Profera

November 14, 2022

SME has been working with to create six episodes for the docuseries “Jobs of Tomorrow” to be aired in 2023.

Docuseries are television series that follow a particular person or group and their involvement in real events or situations over a period of time.

The objectives of this project for SME include driving new member recruitment, improving engagement with existing members, enhancing the awareness, education and advocacy of mining and tunneling and underground construction jobs, and to develop informative, educational and inspirational high-quality content.

These are 22-minute length videos that will be aired on different entertainment platforms directly targeted to young people exploring careers. There will also be “microseries” created out of the filming that will be designed to run on social media channels. Microvideos are also being created and are 3 to 5 minute short videos made to air on association and sponsor websites. Audio versions of the series for podcasts are also in the works.

The six episodes are currently in development. The series is being targeted to air on Amazon prime videos, Fox’s Roku and Tubi, Viacom’s xumo and Comcast’s pluto tv.

The episode titles are: #1 “Sustainability: Make Mine ESG;” #2 “Community Relations: What’s Mine is Yours;” #3 “Mining Data for Mining Innovation,”sponsored by Freeport-McMoran; #4 “Mining 2.0: Progress and Innovation in the Industry,” sponsored by Komatsu; #5 “The Ore Next Door,” sponsored by Luck Stone; and #6 “The Elements of Clean Energy.”

Look for the videos to air starting in early 2023. You too can be an ambassador for SME by sharing the videos with your friends, family and networking connections.


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