Chile looks for ways to boost investment

September 13, 2022

A new plan to promote investment in Chile into 2023 includes an exemption for new copper mines from an ad-valorem component that was proposed in a new mining royalty that would have placed a tax on the value of the mines production.

Reuters reported that the government launched the plan that includes an array of tax breaks for the world’s largest copper producing nation at a time when its economy is faltering.

The government is also planning to reopen foreign investment offices in Europe and North America while setting up public-private working groups in sectors such as construction, energy, transport and mining.

In a news conference alongside President Gabriel Boric, Finance Minister Mario Marcel said the package aims to boost investment by at least five percentage points during 2023.

“This ‘Invest in Chile’ plan brings together management efforts, public resources and regulatory changes, all of which can be implemented quickly,” Marcel said. “This leads us to believe that we will be able to see most of its effects during 2023.”

The plan includes public investment, better access to financing, and promotes private investment through tax benefits. These includes a $500 million tax credit fund for green businesses that have a “high multiplying effect,” an extension of a reduced tax rate for small businesses and instant depreciation mechanisms for all of 2023.

Plans include greater public safety coordination, something the mining industry has asked the government to address after reporting a spike in violence that has hurt operations in northern Chile.



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