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SME Strategic Committees move mining forward

Genevieve Homyack

August 30, 2021

What do SME’s Strategic Committees have to offer volunteers?

Are you passionate about a topic covered in the Society’s 2020 Strategic Plan? Do you want to serve on one of the Society’s most important committees? SME Strategic Committees can offer you a place to make a difference in the direction of the Society. Often members who serve on the SME Strategic Committees move on to serve on the SME Board of Directors.

What makes these committees unique?

SME Strategic Committees are the Society’s top level committees derived from the SME Strategic Plan. The SME Board and key Society volunteers update the Strategic Plan every five years. The current plan was launched in 2020 and formed the current four committees: Association Growth, Industry Innovation, Industry Workforce and Responsible Mining and Underground Construction. Each committee includes a representative from the SME Board who serves as chair of the committee. The committees prepare and submit regular reports to the SME Board.

What are the committees’ goals for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

Each strategic committee creates its own goals based on the goals and objectives from the SME Strategic Plan.

The Association Growth Strategic Committee is focused on developing partnerships, member recruitment, promoting awareness of mining as a career and finding better ways to serve international members.

The Industry Innovation Strategic Committee is seeking recommendations for dissemination of innovative processes and products, promotion of technology information exchange, tracking successes and awarding innovation.

The Industry Workforce Strategic Committee set objectives to support academic programs with regard to capacity, enrollment, recruitment of a skilled and professional workforce, and changing professional development needs.

The Responsible Mining and Underground Construction Strategic Committee plans to research and anticipate industry needs, increase the compilation, availability, and accessibility to information about responsible and sustainable mining and underground construction practices, promote diffusion of evidence-based and leading practices and successes and promote partnerships and initiatives related to mining’s role in the energy transition supply chain.

To learn more about a committee’s current activities, consider sitting in on a meeting at the 2021 SME Midyear Meeting in Las Vegas, NV on Friday, Sept. 10 or during the 2022 MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference and Expo in Salt Lake City, UT. All Strategic Committee Meetings are open to members.

Are you ready to serve on a SME Strategic Committee?

Strategic Committees are comprised of leaders from the Society and hold the primary responsibility and task to formulate a strategy to implement key goals and objectives from the SME Strategic Plan. Serving as a strategic committee member may be harder than your typical SME committee, but by the end of your term, you will have gained additional professional experience and improved credentials for future positions within the Society such as serving on the SME Board of Directors.

Any member of SME who is active, in good standing, has some previous committee experience within the Society, is passionate about the committee’s goals and can commit to attending two in person meetings per year (for three years) and any other additional meetings or activities agreed to by committee members can serve on an SME Strategic Committee. Also, you must be nominated or self-nominate and then be selected by the SME Nominating Committee.

To see more information about the SME Strategic Plan and Committees click here: