Newmont establishes the Global Center for Indigenous Peoples Community Relations in Vancouver

February 4, 2021

Newmont Corporation officially launched the Newmont Global Center for Indigenous Community Relations as key part of its aim to promote meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples. The Center will be a resource for the company and the mining industry as a way to promote awareness, education and engagement between industry and Indigenous Peoples.

Earlier this year, Newmont was recognized by London-based Alva as the top mining company in the world it terms of environmental, social and government (ESG) issues (ME, Jan. 29). 

“Newmont recognizes the special connection between Indigenous Peoples and the land, and that mining can affect this connection in some challenging ways,” said Tom Palmer, Newmont president and chief executive officer said in a statement. “The entire industry has a great opportunity to learn and improve our practices. Through the Center, meaningful partnerships will be formed to create a space for dialogue and sharing with the aim of improving outcomes for Indigenous communities around our operations and act as a catalyst for improvement within the mining industry.”

The Center seeks to establish a respected source of dialogue, collective knowledge and experiences in order to improve Newmont’s practices and contribute in advancing the industry’s approach to engagement with Indigenous communities. The Center has identified three focus areas and a set of three-year strategic objectives to orient meaningful outcomes. These Focus Areas are:

• Partnership and Learning Network
• Respect for Customs and Culture
• Opportunities for Indigenous People.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, the Center will work collaboratively with the Advisory Council on Indigenous Community Relations, a group of external experts who advise the Safety and Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors. An internal working group comprised of diverse representatives from within Newmont will also share experiences, best practices and identify ways to improve collaboration. The Center will work across all of Newmont’s jurisdictions around the world.

More information about the Center can be found here.



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