Hexagon and Gold Fields Ghana complete successful safety project installation

Press release

January 5, 2021

Hexagon's Mining division announced completion of a significant safety installation with Gold Fields Ghana. More than 220 mine vehicles were equipped with Hexagon’s MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS) at Gold Fields’ Tarkwa Mine in Ghana’s Western Region.

MineProtect’s Operator Alertness System, Personal Alert and Tracking Radar were also installed with minimal delays, despite pandemic lockdowns preventing travel by Hexagon’s South Africa staff into Ghana. Local partners and technology, such as remote body cameras, helped ensure that installation and training stayed on schedule.

Willingness to embrace change was key to the successful installation, said Andrew Crose, vice president, Autonomous, Hexagon's Mining division.

“Tarkwa staff’s willingness to adapt to the limitations imposed by COVID-19 was hugely important,” said Crose. “The resourcefulness displayed by everyone involved was impressive. It ensured that we completed the project with minimal delays – almost to the original project dates.”

Gold Fields Ghana has invested heavily in work safety systems. The executive vice president and head of Gold Fields West Africa, Alfred Baku, said: “This will augment our existing safety management system as it serves as an additional layer of safety intervention to help prevent injuries and fatalities, as well as equipment damage.”

“We will continue to explore new and innovative ways to improve safety and ensure that our employees return home to their families safely every day,” Baku added.



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