University of Utah and University of Alaska Fairbanks chosen for Arctic Education Alliance

December 2, 2020

The U.S. Department of State announced the Arctic Education Alliance, a new education partnership between organizations and universities in the United States and Greenland. The Alliance will build vocational education programs that support training in sustainable tourism, hospitality, and land and fisheries management in Greenland. The project will foster collaboration between U.S. and Greenlandic education communities and expand educational and economic opportunities.

As part of the Alliance, the State Department will provide $1.185 million to the University of Utah, working with the U.S. Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) for a cooperative agreement to assist Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum (KTI Råstofskolen, or KTIR) to develop its mining engineering related curriculum. The agreement, led by Dr. Rajive Ganguli, Malcolm McKinnon Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of Utah, is part of an ENR initiative to help Greenland build capacity to address its growing mineral sector.

The activities of the three-year agreement will focus on assisting KTIR develop its underground mine training facility, create a search and rescue program, offer various topical courses, and familiarize KTIR and Greenland government stakeholders with major elements of a modern mining sector. The team includes Dr. Michael G. Nelson, Professor of Mining Engineering and William Bieber, Director of Mining and and Petroleum Training Service of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It has significant experience in mining research and workforce development in the Arctic and other remote regions. The agreement leverages the University of Utah’s award-winning student mine rescue team, and relationship with state agencies, mines and professional associations in Utah and Alaska.

The Arctic Education Alliance builds upon the cooperation detailed in the Common Plan for U.S. Greenland Cooperation to expand the U.S. partnership with Greenland in trade, investment and education.

Photo courtesy of @ulannaqingemann_photography


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