GHH presents LHD with Stage V technology

Press release

June 9, 2020

GHH announced that it has launched the Stage V engine range of its load-haul-dumpers (LHD).

The launch has been kicked off by the new LF-14.

This vehicle is the spearhead of GHH’s strategy that is designed to make GHH the "cleanest" supplier in the industry.

Dump trucks and scalers meeting the currently most stringent ex-haust emission standards have long been part of the product range: Take, for instance, the MK-A20 Stage V dump truck, delivered in 2020, the MK-A35 Stage V already operating well in the field since April 2019 and the MK-42 Stage V, which is heading to a customer site soon.

There is also a large fleet of LF-7.6HB Stage V scalers successfully running at a mine in Europe since June 2019. And more loaders are closely following with the SLP-3H, SLP-14H, LF-8 and LF-12H planned for the Stage V implementation during 2020 and the new LF-7 following in 2021.
The new LF-14 Stage V occupies a key position at GHH. With the first machine having been delivered to customer ground in early March, their second one on order and another customer has ordered three LF-14’s.

“It completes the missing link in an important chain: GHH is probably the first manufacturer to be able to supply a complete core range of machines with the cleanest combustion engines,” GHH said in a press release. “The fact that GHH also offers vehicles with electric drive, whether cabled or battery-powered, underlines even more how serious the manufacturer is about protecting the environment and the operatorsof its machines.”

GHH presented the LF-14 (with Stage IIIA and IV) as early as 2018. Various technology developments have been realized in the new edition. These include in particular the Volvo TAD1381VE as an en-gine option with Stage V: a 285 kW (1900 rpm) power package with SCR and DPF exhaust system.

The LF-14 with 41 t operating weight carries 14 t payload in a bucket designed for 5.4 to 9 m3. The vehicle is approximately 11 m long and 3 m wide and 2,4 m high at the cabin. It can be used in both hard-rock and softrock applications. GHH says, it has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class and offers the proven DNA of all the manu-facturer's machines - which are proven powerful, robust, safe and reliable. Ergonomics and overall design quality have always been a priority.

Recently, the company announced the formation of the GHH Group as a merger of several manufacturers of the Schmidt Kranz Group. GHH now not only sees itself as a "Total Solution Provider" in the field of rock logistics, supplying almost everything that drives on wheels but also in compliance with all required emission standards as well.

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