Boart Longyear achieves 10 million man-hours and 1 year lost time injury free

July 9, 2019

Boart Longyear is pleased to announce its company-wide global accomplishment of more than 10,000,000 consecutive man-hours worked with no lost time injuries (LTI) and one-year completely LTI-free as of 5 July 2019. Boart Longyear employs approximately 4,900 people including supervisors, drillers, driller assistants, mechanics, technicians and welders, manufacturing plant personnel, distribution centers and warehouse personnel, and support staff that are clearly committed to working safely every day. In 2018, the company-wide LTIR matched an all-time low at 0.10 LTIR, and lowest number of LTI on record.

Boart Longyear’s new critical risk management programs and simplified company field standards support employees in understanding, embracing, and practicing an exceptional safety culture. The company focuses on safety programs like THINK (Take the time, Hazard recognition, Identify the risk, Necessary controls applied, and Keep safety first), Stop Work Authority (authorizes and mandates employees immediately stop any work that does not comply with safety standards), the Golden Rules of Safety, the Rules of the Road, and Make it Personal Cards with safety program basics, a signature for their commitment to work safely and a place for a photo of why they are working safely.

“I am incredibly proud of the employees at Boart Longyear. I acknowledge each one of them for their hard work, for embracing and living our high safety standards and world-class safety programs, and the way everyone takes responsibility for their own safety and keeping each other safe. This is a significant accomplishment for Boart Longyear and is a great outcome resulting from the efforts of everyone in the Company living and breathing our safety culture,” said president and chief executive officer, Jeff Olsen. “I congratulate every Boart Longyear employee for this prestigious achievement.”

The company acknowledges the participation, collaboration, and contributions from every level and department within Boart Longyear. Denis Despres, chief operating officer stated, “On a site level, we value the everyday procedures from standardized pre-start information meetings that focus on daily job tasks and associated hazards and risks, our online data management system including the system’s mobile app, and the daily team and individual-based field level risk assessments. At Boart Longyear, it is everyone’s responsibility to work safely.”



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