Rio Tinto to offer independently certified responsibly produced aluminum

July 27, 2018

Rio Tinto has become the first mining and metals company to be granted the aluminum industry's Chain of Custody certification by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The certification means Rio Tinto will be the only company selling aluminum that customers can be assured has been produced to the highest environmental, social and governance standards, placing Rio Tinto at a competitive advantage.
The certification reinforces Rio Tinto's commitment to responsible mining and metals production by providing independent verification that material can be traced through a 'chain of custody' spanning Rio Tinto's Gove bauxite mine in Australia to its alumina refinery, aluminum smelters and casthouses in Quebec, Canada.

Rio Tinto Aluminum chief executive Alf Barrios said “Achieving this certification demonstrates Rio Tinto's commitment to the highest international production standards and offers customers the ability to provide end consumers with the confidence that the aluminum in their products has been responsibly produced.

“Aluminum has a key role to play as a material of choice to reduce carbon and increase recycling across a wide range of end products from food packaging to buildings, planes, cars, mobile phones and computers."

Rio Tinto has led the establishment of responsible production certification for the aluminum industry as a founding member of the ASI, working alongside customers and a broad range of stakeholders.

Rio Tinto Aluminum vice president sales and marketing and ASI Board member Tolga Egrilmezer said "We see certified sustainable aluminum as a point of differentiation for Rio Tinto as customers become increasingly interested in ensuring that metals have been responsibly produced. The ASI certification will enable us to generate value for Rio Tinto and our customers because we believe there will be a fundamental shift in demand for these products."

ASI chief executive officer Fiona Solomon said "We applaud Rio Tinto for their commitment to ASI's mission since joining as a founding member, and for being the first to achieve ASI certification for both ASI Standards. This successful Chain of Custody certification demonstrates ASI's potential to create impact through voluntary uptake of its program. We look forward to the positive example being set by upstream producers, like Rio Tinto, extending into downstream aluminium use sectors such as automotive, construction and packaging.”


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