Atlas Copco releases new drill rig

March 22, 2012

New underground mine and tunnel expansion projects will hit production targets sooner, thanks to a new Atlas Copco Boomer E1 C-DH face drilling rig. The single-boom, diesel-hydraulic multipurpose unit is specifically designed for mines or construction sites lacking water and electrical infrastructure. The Boomer E1 C-DH comes with dual onboard 450 L (118 gal) water tanks and a six-cylinder, 173 kW (232 hp) Deutz diesel engine to drive the rig, its boom and the drill’s hydraulic pumps.

The new Boomer E1 C-DH rig is one of the largest diesel-hydraulic face-drilling rigs on the market, with a coverage area of up to 95 m2. This is a 38 percent improvement over its predecessor, the Boomer L1 C-DH drill rig.

According to Johan Jonsson, product manager for Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation, the new rig provides unique advantages in the field. “In the case of a new project, the Atlas Copco Boomer E1 C-DH drill rig can be used to get started even before water and electricity are installed at the job site,” he said. “Mines begin earning sooner, and contractors are able to get ahead on their schedules.” Jonsson also pointed to the new drill rig’s advantages in widening existing tunnels or adding bolts in older workings, as it is not necessary to install power and water infrastructure to support the rig on-site.

The new drill rig also contributes to more economical use of a fleet’s resources. The Boomer E1 C-DH rig is able to handle small construction jobs more efficiently than larger rigs, and when used in a mine is compact and maneuverable enough to get the job done in tight spaces.

The multipurpose capabilities of the new rig are enhanced with the addition of the optional basket attachment. This allows the Boomer E1 C-DH rig to be used as a bolting rig and as a utility rig for drilling holes and installing ventilation ducting, among other tasks.

The Boomer E1 C-DH drill rig comes standard with Atlas Copco's Rig Control System (RCS) with the option to upgrade to an even higher degree of automation. Jonsson said, “As a member of the Atlas Copco Boomer E-series of face-drilling rigs, the new rig has access to the wide range of existing options for that established product family," which he believed to be another important consideration for those in the market for a large diesel-hydraulic rig.

Drill rig data

The new drill rig comes with a COP 1638, COP 1838, or COP 2238 rock drill with a dual-damping system for optimum service life. The BUT 45heavy-duty boom is equipped with a double-rotation unit for plus/minus 190-degree feed roll-over and plus/minus 135-degree feed rotation, providing the operator with fast and accurate positioning between holes. It comes with a 2.5?meter boom extension and 1.8?meter feed extension. The new Boomer rig also has a BMH 6000?series hydraulic feed.

The Boomer E1C-DH was developed together with the Scandinavian tunneling contractor Veidekke based on their request for a diesel hydraulic driven rig with large coverage area combined with a service basket. The first rig has been used in various projects since delivery, in after bolting and driving cross cuts in existing tunnels with great success.



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