ABB to supply eletrical equipment to Nui Phao Mine

March 7, 2012

ABB has been awarded a contract to supply the majority of the electrical equipment for Masan Resources’ Nui Phao Mine 80km northwest of Hanoi in the Dai Tu District of Thai Nguyen Province in Northern Vietnam.

Masan Resources, a division of the Masan Group, one of the largest private companies in Vietnam, is developing the Nui Phao Mine, a unique polymetallic mine with reserves of tungsten, fluorspar, bismuth, copper and gold. The mine is positioned to be one of the most cost-effective producers of tungsten in the world.

ABB will supply and provide commissioning for a comprehensive scope of electrical equipment, including automation and drives systems for the mine. The equipment and system design for the project will minimize impact on the surrounding power network, and increase both efficiency and productivity. Reliable performance of the system is critical to the safety and financial success of the mine's operation. ABB’s proven maintenance, lifecycle support service and expertise in delivering systems were important factors in securing this contract.

“ABB was awarded the contract for this project because of its strong track record, commitment to serving the mining industry and unique position as a strong local supplier of complete electrical systems,” said Jian Peng Fu, CEO of ABB in Vietnam. “Our leading-edge technologies, combined with our global and local industry expertise, ensure the efficiency, reliability and safety of the critical mining operations from day one.”

Masan Resources a subsidiary of Masan Group, is the owner and developer of the Nui Phao Mine in Thai Nguyen province, located to the north of Hanoi. Nui Phao controls one of the largest undeveloped tungsten mines in the world. When fully operational, the mine will also be one of the largest single point producers of bismuth and acid-grade fluorspar in the world.



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