Dig a Little Deeper with CORESafety

August 21, 2015

The CORESafety system has been customized for mining and is based on successful safety and health management systems (SHMS) used in other industries.

To help you better understand operational risk management through SHMS, CORESafety is launching a new information and interview series called "Dig a Little Deeper with CORESafety" that will explain some of the critical elements of the system.

Occasionally new infographic called "What Does Swiss Cheese Have to do With Mining Accidents?" will be sent out to those on the CORESafety email list.

Other times, an in-depth interview with a CEO, Safety Coordinator, Professor, or other expert in the mining industry will be uploaded or published.

 And for more information on fatality prevention and risk management, be sure to refer to Module 4 in the CORESafety Handbook.

 During its 2014 annual meeting, the SME Board of Directors voted to endorse voted to endorse the National Mining Association’s (NMA) CORESafety initiative.

TheCORESafety framework includes a safety and health management system based on three core organizational competencies…
• Leadership
• Management
• Assurance

…that are managed through continual improvement principles of Plan, Do, Check and Act.

These competencies are further defined in 20 modules. Each module includes performance expectations and timelines to ensure steady progress toward the goal of achieving zero fatalities and 50 percent reduction in the rate of injuries within five years—0:50:5.

To learn more visit the CORESafety website at http://www.coresafety.org/


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