San Jose Mine rescue examined in CNN feature

August 3, 2015

Five years removed from the dramatic rescue of the 33 miners from the collapsed San Jose Mine in Chile, interest in their stories has been renewed, first with the announced release date of the movie about the rescue “The 33” (Nov. 13) and now with special coverage from


called “A Miner Miracle: Five Years after the Chilean Rescue,” Tuesday, Aug. 4, 9 pm EST.

On its website on Monday, CNN looks back at the rescue from 2010 in a piece that focuses on how the miners relied on faith to help them through the 69 days below ground.

“In the aftermath of the rescue, those involved have recounted seemingly inexplicable miracles during their time underground and credited God with protecting them. God, many of them say, was the 34th miner,” CNN reported.

Among the stories are how miner Jorge Galleguillos reported hearing warning cracks the day of the collapse but continued working and later spotted something like a “white species … a butterfly” falling diagonally in the mine. A white animal is a sign that God is present.

Speaking of the rescue, CNN spoke with Brandon Fisher, owner of Center Rock. He was one of the featured speakers at the 2011 SME Annual Conference in Denver, CO and CNN that at one point the drill halted, just a matter of feet from reaching the miners.

Then, without any effort from the rescuers, there was a pop, and it started moving again.

"I remember there was a loud bang on the backside of the control panel," Fisher said. "Everyone just kind of stopped at one point in time and looked around."

"We still don't know what that noise was," he said.

For more coverage from CNN about the rescue, including a photo gallery see the CNN website.



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