ABB launches Mine Location Intelligence for underground mines

June 10, 2014

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, announced the debut of ABB Mine Location Intelligence, powered by Mobilaris, a global leading provider of software solutions for mobile location based services. ABB Mine Location Intelligence is a product for location based decision support that provides real-time positioning of vehicles, equipment and personnel in underground mines to maximize safety and productivity.

ABB Mine Location Intelligence has a web based user interface with a 3D view showing real-time location of assets and personnel. It features spatial search, navigation support, advanced data mining and analysis, creation and management of geofences and is easy to access from everywhere.

ABB Mine Location Intelligence opens a new dimension to personal safety. It reduces time for evacuation by showing the closest mining rescue chamber and the best emergency escape routes. It can also prevent people from accessing dangerous areas by providing automated surveillance.

Another new dimension is related to production efficiency by using real-time location information for production control and mine automation. It can increase collaboration between personnel by integrating voice, message and CCTV services, available directly from the 3D view.

"ABB Mine Location Intelligence will help customers to visualize their mining operations and reach a new level of situation awareness. This will change how mines are operated and will be an important tool for increased safety and production efficiency," said Patrik Westerlund, global product manager for integrated mine automation at ABB.