Alpha Foundation issues second solicitation and call for concept papers

May 30, 2014

The Alpha Foundation is seeking to award research addressing the root causes of disease, injuries, and fatalities in the mining industry and achieve successful implementation of practical solutions derived from the research effort. The foundation is committed to fund projects that explore innovative ideas and concepts, complement existing research efforts and address knowledge or technology gaps in mine safety and health. To this end, cooperative research efforts with mining entities, stakeholder groups and state and federal institutions are encouraged. The foundation plan is a balanced approach, incorporating a blend of engineering and health science with behavioral science and training, needed to solve mining safety and health problems.

The foundation seeks to engage the best researchers, of any discipline and expand the field of research expertise that can provide solutions to complex mining safety and health problems. Researchers from disciplines and settings outside of mining are encouraged to interact with mining entities to gain a full understanding of the mining environment, particularly when access to a mine is required, to fulfill the project objectives. Projects that include matching grants from other sources are also welcomed. Consistent with the Alpha Foundation values, this program embraces diversity and inclusion across multiple dimensions such as race, ethnicity, gender, age and disadvantaged socioeconomic status.

A major aim of the foundation is to support research projects that have practical implications for mine safety and health workers, operators, and policy?makers. For this reason, a particular emphasis is placed on the early translation and rapid dissemination of project findings. Upon completion of the project, grantees will be required to develop a final technical report that conveys the findings and conclusions of the study.

The Alpha Foundation awarded 16 grants in November 2013 following a thorough review process of invited proposals. The foundation subsequently funded six short?term proposals in May 2014 to provide support for the early and conceptual stages of project development.
A listing of all awards and project synopses is available on the Foundation website.

Concept papers will be accepted only from U.S.?based, academic institutions and not?forprofit organizations qualifying as exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If the Proposer is invited by the foundation to submit a full proposal, the foundation may request a current copy of the organization’s IRS Determination Letter or a statement from the academic institution describing its formation and status as a taxexempt entity organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes.

Four focus areas are defined:

1) Health and safety interventions.
2) Mine escape, rescue and training.
3) Safety and health management and training.
4) Injury and disease exposure and risk factors.

Complete information about the call for submissions can be found the Alpha Foundation website.



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