Herrenknecht Raise Boring Rigs for shafts up to 2,000 m deep

May 23, 2014

With growing demand for raw materials, mines are applying increasing effort and expense to open up deep and difficult-to-access resources. With this in mind, the new Herrenknecht product portfolio of raise boring rigs allows the optimal drilling of shafts with larger diameters at depths of up to 2,000 meters. In the newly developed raise boring rigs, Herrenknecht draws on proven technologies and components as well as on extensive knowhow in the area of mechanized tunneling technology. The Raise Boring Rigs from Herrenknecht have proven themselves worldwide in a variety of projects since the first use of a prototype in 2010 for the Vianden hydropower plant in Luxembourg. They have demonstrated their efficiency both in drilling of production and ventilation shafts in mines (copper, coal, tin) as well as in infrastructure projects (pressure shafts for hydropower plants, ventilation shafts for road tunnels). Today, Herrenknecht offers a product portfolio of four RBR types. Depending on the project requirements, at the customer’s request the Herrenknecht engineers develop individually customized Raise Boring Rigs. The automatic wrench unit and a forklift attachment for the crawler unit in Nant de Drance, modular reaming heads for the Huanuni Mine and a remote monitoring system for the River View Coal Mine are examples of this. 


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