Minerals Technologies wins bidding war for Amcol

March 10, 2014

Minerals Technologies Inc won its bidding war again Imerys SA with a bid price of $45.75 per share, or $1.7 billion, for Amcol International Corp. 

Minerals Technologies and Imerys have been locked in a bidding war since February for Amcol, which has large reserves of bentonite, a mineral used in the construction and energy industries, Reuters reported.

Amcol asked Imerys to match Minerals' offer.

Minerals Technologies said Amcol ended its merger agreement with Imerys’ and paid the company’s U.S. subsidiary a termination fee of $39 million.

The combined company would have more than $2 billion in sales, Joseph Muscari, chief executive of Minerals Technologies said in a statement.

Minerals Technologies, which produces calcium carbonate, used to whiten everything from paper to talc, said Amcol would immediately add to earnings once the deal closes, which is expected in the first half of this year.

Minerals Technologies said JP Morgan has committed to provide funding for a deal.


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