It still pays well to be a miner in Australia

February 4, 2014

A new report from employment advertising company, Seek, found that the Australian mining industry is still a lucrative field to work in.

Despite the slow down the sector, the company found in its annual salary review that jobs in the mining industry have taken the five highest-paying positions in Australia on average, with oil and gas geoscientists taking the top spot with a salary of $158,671.

The other top four roles included mining managers, mining geoscientists, oil and gas drillers and mining engineers.

The average salary across all industries advertised on Seek in 2013 was $81,055 a slight decrease from $84,458 in 2012, the Australian reported.

On average, jobs in mining, resources and energy boasted a salary of $138,083, but that was a 6 percent decline on the previous year's figure. Only jobs in science and construction had a bigger fall, averaging a decline of 8 percent each.

The falling salaries in the mining and energy sector come as a recently released report from Deloitte Access Economics warned of the slowdown in the resources sector and its impact on the broader economy.

“Recent years saw a deluge of development dollars go into the resources sector. But those dollars have already peaked, and the key question is just how fast or slowly the bonanza of recent years unwinds,” the report said.


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