Cummins to offer sulfur toleracne kit for Tier 4 engines

December 23, 2013

Cummins Inc. announced that it will offer a sulfur tolerance kit, allowing export of used Tier 4 Interim and Tier 4 Final equipment into regions where ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) is not available. The kit allows an engine to be operated on fuels containing far more sulfur than ULSD. This enables a second life for the engine outside of North America and Europe.

The Cummins Sulfur Tolerance Kit is intended to provide options to operators and dealers who may ultimately sell Tier 4 powered equipment in the used market, offering flexibility in the regions into which they deliver the equipment.

The Sulfur Tolerance Kit protects the engine and exhaust aftertreatment from the harmful effects of high-sulfur fuel. Tier 4 Interim and Tier 4 Final engines require the use of ULSD to reduce particulate matter, soot and sulfur dioxide in order to meet emissions regulations in North America and Europe. ULSD is not widely available outside of those regions.

The Sulfur Tolerance Kit includes new engine calibrations and hardware. The kit is intended for used engines that are exported into non-regulated regions.

"Our number one goal at Cummins is meeting and exceeding expectations of our global customer base. This means we must make our engines flexible, capable of operating anywhere, anytime," said Hugh Foden, Cummins executive director - Off-Highway Business.

"The introduction of the Sulfur Tolerance Kit allows customers to sell used Tier 4-powered machines into a non-emissionized country - helping to retain its resale value and ensuring that the next owner will experience the reliability and durability that customers have come to expect from Cummins."

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