New features for Caterpillar D9T ease operator's job, boost production

December 30, 2011

Caterpillar recently announced new features that will be included for the Caterpillar D9T track-type tractor. The features include enhanced operator safety, comfort and convenience, refined performance and increased productivity.  Powered by a Cat C18 engine with ACERT Technology, rated at 306 kW (410 hp) the machine has an operating weight of more than 49,900 kg (110,000 lbs).

Operator environment

The D9T cab is designed and equipped for operator productivity, safety and comfort. A low-effort electronic dozer control handle gives the operator control of all dozer functions with one hand. Operators will enjoy comfort features like adjustable arm rests, new automatic climate control and the standard Cat comfort series seat now available with optional heat and ventilation.

 For added safety, the new Dynamic Inclination Monitor provides readouts of the tractor's pitch angle and side-to-side slope. In addition, a new operator-presence system locks out the power train and hydraulic system to avoid unintentional machine movement when the operator is entering or leaving the cab, assisted by redesigned steps, handles and guardrails. 

 An available visibility package includes mirrors on the lift cylinders and a ROPS-mounted camera system with an 18-cm (7-in.) color monitor near the rear view mirror. In-cab sound levels are decreased from 79 to 77 dB(A), a significant change, and a new dash display, high-current 12-volt connector, IPOD/MP3 wiring and optional window shades add convenience.

 An optional automatic ripper control simplifies the operator's job by keeping drawbar load constant and minimizing track slip. In addition, automated blade assist uses blade-pitch presets to simplify positioning and an optional autocarry system automatically adjusts blade load during the carry segment.

 The autocarry feature can be integrated with the optional Cat Grade Control system, which automatically guides the blade to achieve design plan contours. Also available for the D9T is the Terrain for grading system that can receive electronic site plans in real time to direct cut and fill operations.

Design refinement, serviceability

New for the D9T is the enhanced auto shift (EAS) system, which provides operator-selectable forward and reverse speeds similar to an automatic transmission. The EAS system can provide increased production, fuel efficiency and ease of operation.

 Cooling system refinements include a new radiator featuring an aluminum bar-plate design that is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. A new air-to-oil hydraulic cooler results in lower hydraulic-oil temperatures for extended component life, and the hydraulically driven, variable-speed demand fan provides optimal cooling while using less power, reducing fuel consumption and lowering sound levels.

 The new "OK-to-Start" system electronically checks powertrain, engine coolant and engine oil systems. The ground-level service center in the left fender allows quick access to various controls and information sources commonly used on a daily basis. The vital information management system (VIMS 3G), that can use both cellular and satellite networks, monitors the D9T health and working status in real time and provides machine history for off board analysis.


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