Murray Energy Corp. completes purchase of Consolidation Coal Co.

December 6, 2013

Murray Energy Corp. announced that it has finalized the acquisition of Consolidation Coal Co. from Consol Energy, Inc. This includes the mining complexes in West Virginia formerly known as the McElroy, Shoemaker, Blacksville, Loveridge and Robinson Run mines as well as additional coal reserves, related river transportation and dock facilities, and other assets.

The Consolidation Coal name has been changed to Murray American Energy, Inc. The river transportation operations will be conducted by Murray American Transportation, Inc. The coal mines are now organized under the following companies and mine names: The Ohio County Coal Company’s Ohio County Mine (formerly Shoemaker Mine); The Marshall County Coal Company’s Marshall County Mine (formerly McElroy Mine); The Marion County Coal Company’s Marion County Mine (formerly Loveridge Mine); The Harrison County Coal Company’s Harrison County Mine (formerly Robinson Run Mine) and The Monongalia County Coal Company’s Monongalia County Mine (formerly Blacksville Mine).

Murray Energy and its subsidiary companies now employ approximately 7,100 people and operate 13 active mines, consisting of twelve 12 underground longwall mining systems and 46 continuous mining units.

This acquisition positions Murray Energy to produce more than 60 million stpy of coal and increases Murray Energy’s reserve holdings to more than 2.3 billion tons of coal. This production and reserve base will allow Murray Energy to even better serve its electric utility customers with affordable, reliable, and high quality coal supplies.

“The focus at Murray Energy is on operating very safe coal mines, with a particular emphasis on fire protection and emergency preparedness. The health and safety of all of our employees is foremost,” the company said in a release.


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