SME President's Page

Ron Parratt

The first half of my term as President is now complete, and I have to say that it’s been exciting, very busy and enormously rewarding. I’ve learned a great deal about our Society and discovered that it is more complex than I previously envisioned. SME is, of course, widely known as a leading professional mining society and we are well represented by Dave Kanagy, our Colorado-based staff and the numerous volunteer leadership teams, all of whom work together to manage the Society. They deal with the many issues facing our industry and keep us strong, growing and supporting our role as the leading professional society in the global mining industry. I encourage all members to get involved in these efforts and join with other SME industry professionals to help develop solutions to these and future challenges, and in the process, advance your mining career. Your efforts can make a positive difference.

I have been directly involved with the projects undertaken by SME globally — led by SME members who are volunteer leaders and supported by SME staff at the headquarters office in Englewood, CO. We can’t, however, overlook another major segment of our society that is truly the backbone of SME. I’m speaking of our 48 local sections whom I’ve come to appreciate a great deal more in these past several months. The members of our sections, located throughout the United States and in six other countries, are of great value to SME. They are clearly our ambassadors, representing SME in all of their various local regions. Many of our sections are in areas of major mining activity and their members are commonly involved directly in every facet of modern mining. They truly are the face of SME in these regions, and I would like to recognize the SME sections for the value they create. Sections provide great opportunities for professional development and growth for their members in numerous ways. These include monthly professional development events with invited expert speakers, short courses, conferences and mine visits, all of which create opportunities to connect and network with their fellow industry professionals. Section members also have the opportunity to participate as a section officer and to create ideas for section outreach, fundraising and service projects in their community. And of course, they can take part in webinars and other virtual events offered by SME and its divisions. I encourage all section members to take advantage of global SME membership and the unique opportunities offered by the local sections for professional growth, development and leadership experience. And importantly, I encourage the sections to continue representing SME so well and for their involvement in their communities. Mining has a remarkable story to tell, and there is no one better than those who are so directly involved in it. You are making a difference for us all.

SME is a global leader in our industry but also a leader on the regional and local levels. All of us have a role to play in our industry, and it’s important that we step up and engage. This is important for the enterprises we lead, for the communities we are a part of, and for our employees. In all of these, there are opportunities for challenging careers, for professional growth, and for making a difference in our industry and in our Society. You’ll get out of it what you put in.