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October 2019 Techniques for assessing and mitigating longwall subsidence effects on interstate highways
September 2019 Assessing the quality of incident investigations and its effect on safety performance: A study of the Ghanaian mining industry
September 2019 Toward a field-portable, real-time organic and elemental carbon monitor
August 2019 If the technology fits: an evaluation of mobile proximity detection systems in underground coal mines
July 2019 Evaluation of post-blast re-entry times based on gas monitoring of return air
July 2019 Evaluation of roof bolter canopy air curtain effects on airflow and dust dispersion in an entry using blowing curtain ventilation
June 2019 Mineworkers’ perceptions of mobile proximity detection systems
June 2019 Influence of temperature on generator current and magnetic field of a proximity detection system
March 2019 Intelligent monitoring system for improved worker safety during plant operation and maintenance
January 2019 Safety Share
December 2018 Inaugural class earns CMSPs; Eight professionals successfully complete exam in August
November 2018 Bulk handling technology; Designing for the future by innovating the present