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March 2020 Assessing gaps in understanding management of particulates; What we don’t know about coal dust
March 2020 Investigation of occupational accidents in Western Lignite Corporation by using the efficiency assessment approach
March 2020 Underground mine air and strata temperature change due to the use of refuge alternatives
February 2020 Human-systems integration for the safe implementation of automation in mining
February 2020 Retrofitting and repowering as control strategies for the curtailment of exposure of underground miners to diesel aerosols
February 2020 SME Division Awards
December 2019 Do refuge chambers represent a good strategy to manage emergencies in underground coal mines?
November 2019 Leveraging IIoT to improve machine safety in the mining industry
October 2019 The New Face of Mining; Breakthroughs in results leveraging the people factor
October 2019 A jouney to zero harm; Montana Resources sets the standard in mine safety
October 2019 Techniques for assessing and mitigating longwall subsidence effects on interstate highways
September 2019 Assessing the quality of incident investigations and its effect on safety performance: A study of the Ghanaian mining industry