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August 2013 Drivers of impact assessments: Human health, safety and the environment
August 2013 North American partners: SME and CIM join together at Minnesota meeting
May 2013 Sustainable development; From environmental compliance to a shared value
April 2013 Uncertainty-based mine production scheduling for ore grade control using conditional simulation and multiobjective genetic algorithms
December 2012 About face: How a mine moved toward opening in Maine
August 2012 Comparing EIA and ESHIA for evaluating mining projects
August 2012 Mine reclamation costs in the Alberta oil sands
July 2012 Minnesota’s vibrant mining industry ranks third in revenues generated
March 2012 New approach to developing the optimal mineral processing flowsheet
December 2011 Reclaiming steep-slope coal mines in the eastern US for successful reforestation
August 2011 Innovation on the Iron Range: Report on the SME Minnesota Section meeting
January 2004 Thinking outside the box -- new ways to close old tailing basins