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September 2017 Pump phase shift control in the world’s largest iron ore concentrate pipeline
February 2017 Global iron ore production data; Clarification of reporting from the USGS
August 2016 Vanadium trends in exploration; markets and future demands
June 2016 The Sangan iron ore mines: A role model for sustainable development in Iran
November 2015 Iron Ore of Canada case study; A cause for concern
June 2015 2015 Minnesota conference bucks iron ore industry trends
April 2015 The Elk River MCHM spill; A case study on managing environmental risks
May 2014 Field and modeling study for stream mitigation on surface mine sites in West Virginia
May 2014 Industry’s best technology showcased at 2014 SME Annual Meeting
April 2014 Satellite remote sensing-based estimates of biomass production on reclaimed coal mines
December 2013 Geopolymer-based concrete to reduce carbon footprint of construction industry
October 2013 NOx emission of equipment and blasting agents in surface coal mining