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October 2020 Dump planning optimization with environmental constraints
September 2020 Innovation: What does it really mean for the mining industry?
September 2020 Academia poised to maintain high standards while continuing the evolution of teaching in a pandemic era
September 2020 Innovative products for mining; a look at what you would have seen at MINExpo
July 2020 Coal has been in a decline since 2007; COVID-19 has only exacerbated the problems
June 2020 Hydrogeologic characterization and mining impact analysis of a low-yield, fractured granite
March 2020 Alternative-energy options light path to powering the mine of the future
February 2020 SME Division Awards
November 2019 Tailings storage facilities (TSFs) dust control using biocompatible polymers
November 2019 The occurrence and concentration of rare earth elements in acid mine drainage and treatment byproducts: Part 1
November 2019 Mitigation in artesian conditions; Abandoned coal mine presents unique challenges
October 2019 Toward open-source hardware and software for the mining Industry: Case study of a low-cost environmental monitoring system