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December 2001 Mining at Deep Post -- Newmont's newest underground mine
November 2001 Importance of metallurgical research on refractory gold ore processing
October 2001 Cresson Mine expands its operations
March 2001 Drilling and blasting in hot, reactive ground at Meikle
February 2001 Gekko gravity system installed at Big Bell Mine
December 2000 Banning cyanide use at McDonald -- an attack on open-pit mining
January 2000 Eskay Creek Mine and Mill -- a continuing success
January 2000 Using diagnostic process analysis to improve cash flow at Newmont's Carlin Mill #4
November 1999 Gold and silver exploration in Irian Jaya
October 1999 Mine planning at Newmont's Nevada operations
August 1999 Design and startup of Cortez Gold Mines' Pipeline Mill
August 1999 Closing the historic Alaska-Juneau Mine