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May 2024 Nitric acid pretreatment applied to a refractory gold-tellurides ore
April 2024 Abandoned mine lands inventory: Progress, collaboration and challenges in Arizona
November 2022 Near-technical limit gold recovery from a double refractory Carlin-type ore after pretreatment by high-temperature pressure oxidation
July 2022 From blind to clear view: The integration of different systems and how they helped to improve mine planning
March 2022 Ronald L. Parratt; An interview with the 2022 SME President
January 2022 Influence of amino and organic acid structure on the extraction of gold from silicate ore
November 2021 Sustainability, automation and workforce take center stage at MINExpo International 2021
September 2021 Chalcopyrite leaching in a dimethyl sulfoxide solution containing copper chloride
August 2021 Optimization process of refractory gold ore extraction by hypochlorite oxidative leaching
June 2021 Tailings filtration using Viper Filtration technology – a case study
May 2021 Design of the Otjikoto Gold Mill, Namibia
April 2021 Mapping of gold mineralization in Ichadih, North Singhbhum Mobile Belt, India using electrical resistivity tomography and self-potential methods