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May 2014 Field and modeling study for stream mitigation on surface mine sites in West Virginia
May 2014 Experimental studies on controlling drilling parameters to reduce roof bolt-hole drilling nois
April 2014 Geolocation for underground coal mining applications: Classification of systems
April 2014 Satellite remote sensing-based estimates of biomass production on reclaimed coal mines
April 2014 Overcoming underground mining space constraints
April 2014 Tunnel boring machine to be used on Australian decline tunnel
March 2014 Numerical analysis of the time-dependent behavior of immediate roof in a hypothetical one-entry mine
January 2014 Improvement on mathematical model for studying coal’s propensity for spontaneous combustion
January 2014 Production, consumption and cost of energy for surface mining of bituminous coal
January 2014 Down but not out: Coal industry rallies at 2013 PCMIA/SME meeting
November 2013 The first five years in operations: A young engineer's journey into a career in mining
October 2013 NOx emission of equipment and blasting agents in surface coal mining