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July 2019 A commentary on the reporting of coal exploration results, resources and reserves
July 2019 Investigating the impact of caving on longwall mine ventilation using scaled physical modeling
June 2019 Adaptive reuse of mined lands for solar energy
June 2019 Face ventilation on a bleederless longwall panel
March 2019 Coal mining in Ruhr Germany: An American perspective of an industry in transition
June 2018 Coal and mineral mass fractions in personal respirable dust samples collected by Central Appalachian miners
May 2018 New application of directional drilling and gas-enhanced foam for suppression of abandoned underground coal mine fires
May 2018 Annual Review 2017; Mining Review
March 2018 Barbara J. Arnold; An interview with the 2018 SME President
March 2018 Recovery of valuable elements from Chinese coal byproducts
October 2017 Coal production has increased but the future of coal remains uncertain
October 2017 A study of US coal mine closures since 1994