American Exploration & Mining Assoc Meeting  - Conference
Dec 1, 2019 - Dec 6, 2019
Tech Mining Russia 2019  - Conference
Dec 5, 2019 - Dec 6, 2019
SME Arizona Conference  - Conference
Dec 8, 2019 - Dec 9, 2019
46th Annual Conference on Explosives-Blasting  - Conference
Jan 26, 2020 - Jan 29, 2020
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  • March 2015

    Improved safety for ground support installation in narrow vein mine conditions
    Bill Kendall
  • March 2015

    New longwall plow system achieves high production at low coal seam
  • October 2014

    Moisture variance of mine dust samples and the inclusion of moisture as incombustible content
    M. L. Harris, D. W. Alexander
  • August 2014

    Preliminary investigation of SEM-EDX as a tool for characterization of coal mine dusts
    R. Sellaro, E. Sarver
  • August 2014

    Ventilation modeling of a low-seam coal mine to optimize ventilation
    B.A. Ashley, D.E. Grelle
  • August 2014

    Cat longwall plow system helps set new low-seam coal production record
  • June 2014

    Global views of mining from the “world’s mining capital”
    William Gleason
  • May 2014

    Field and modeling study for stream mitigation on surface mine sites in West Virginia
    A.E. Sears, C.J. Bise, J.D. Quaranta, L.C. Hopkinson
  • May 2014

    Experimental studies on controlling drilling parameters to reduce roof bolt-hole drilling nois
    Yi Luo, C. Collins, Biao Qiu, M.M. Li
  • April 2014

    Geolocation for underground coal mining applications: Classification of systems
    S. J. Schafrik, C. Dietrich, C. Harwood
  • April 2014

    Satellite remote sensing-based estimates of biomass production on reclaimed coal mines
    S. Raval, E. Sarver, A. Shamsoddini, C. Zipper, P. Donovan, D. Evans, H.T. Chu, H.T. Chu
  • April 2014

    Overcoming underground mining space constraints