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November 2020 Top-coal movement law of dynamic group caving method in LTCC with an inclined seam
August 2020 Ventilation monitoring and control in mines
August 2020 Design and evaluation of the roof bolt corrosion test system in a simulated underground coal mine environment
July 2020 Coal has been in a decline since 2007; COVID-19 has only exacerbated the problems
July 2020 Numerical investigation of the effect of a novel wet scrubber on dust reduction in an underground coal mine
July 2020 Experimental evaluation of a two-entry gate-road yield pillar: Convergence monitoring and physical properties
April 2020 Extending mobile-roof-support reach for increased coal reserve recovery
April 2020 Use of the field-based silica monitoring technique in a coal mine: A case study
March 2020 Assessing gaps in understanding management of particulates; What we don’t know about coal dust
March 2020 Alternative-energy options light path to powering the mine of the future
March 2020 Roof deformation associated with mining of two panels in a steeply dipping coal seam
March 2020 Investigation of occupational accidents in Western Lignite Corporation by using the efficiency assessment approach