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March 2020 Alternative-energy options light path to powering the mine of the future
March 2020 Roof deformation associated with mining of two panels in a steeply dipping coal seam
March 2020 Investigation of occupational accidents in Western Lignite Corporation by using the efficiency assessment approach
February 2020 Sustainable change of coal-mining regions
February 2020 The occurrence and concentration of rare earth elements in acid mine drainage and treatment byproducts. Part 2
February 2020 SME Division Awards
January 2020 A field study of longwall mine ventilation using tracer gas in a trona mine
January 2020 Solid bowl centrifuge technology makes tailings dams redundant
January 2020 Techniques for assessing and mitigating longwall subsidence effects on highway bridges
December 2019 Do refuge chambers represent a good strategy to manage emergencies in underground coal mines?
November 2019 Mitigation in artesian conditions; Abandoned coal mine presents unique challenges
November 2019 Overview of current U.S. longwall gateroad support practices: An update